Captain Visger House

The Owner

My Journey To The Captain Visger House Is One Of Loss, Love And A Lot Of Hard Work

Growing up in southern California, everyone knew me as Cathy (Cathryn). After the death of my mother when I was ten years old I moved to Alexandria Bay with my Aunt Evelyn and her husband Bud Petrie. I was given the nickname of “Sam” to distinguish myself from the many “Cathy’s” in my class (not to mention my new sister Kathleen). It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

The towering maple trees; the Victorian architecture; the change of seasons; and of course, the Saint Lawrence River – with it’s magnificent power and beauty – were among the new discoveries that helped me to heal.

Fast forward through twenty-five years in San Francisco and Indianapolis, to the 1990s and another loss – that of my beloved husband John. Widowed, with two phenomenal daughters I found myself at another fork in the road. Where did my compass lead me? Back home to Alexandria Bay and the recuperative spirit of the 1000 Islands.

Up to this point I had worked in the field of education. At the age of fifty I decided that I wanted to be the master of my destiny. In other words, own my own business.

How else was I going to incorporate my love of food, my very social nature, and have some fun?! Thus began the transformation of The Captain Visger House, a process I would describe as magical, painstaking, life-changing…and a few other choice words not suitable for print.

Visitors are amazed at the craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the commitment to authentic restoration of this beautiful 1856 Italianate Victorian. The thousands of feet of moulding, all original profiles; the original doors; the restored wide plank pine floors. I could write volumes about the hard work and attention to detail that went into the restoration and rebirth of this place but I think it best you come see for yourselves!

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